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Common Joy Luffa


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All Plant. All Purpose.

Common Joy Luffa

USA-grown, sustainably farmed, fully compostable, universal plastic sponge alternatives for the planet.

What is a Luffa, Anyway?

Our Mission

One Sponge For All.

Luffa are the original natural sponge, grown from the land for all to enjoy. We want everyone to know and to use them for all their cleaning needs.



What comes from the Earth goes back to the earth. At Common Joy, we believe in keeping life simple, and that includes your cleaning products. Compared to the most sustainable sponges, luffa doesn't require any manufacturing. Nature makes a perfect plant-based sponge. And, no need to think about the landfill, just compost it when you are done.

Learn How We Grow Luffa



Use a large one to exfoliate and get naturally smooth skin, or divide and conquer for all your household cleaning and dirty corners. Wherever there is a sponge, a luffa will do better. Common Joy Luffa can truly serve all purposes.

Learn More Luffa Uses

A Road Trip to Common Joy's Lowcountry Luffa Farm


Common Joy Luffa

All Natural

Our Luffas are sustainably grown using regenerative agricultural practices in the good ole USofA. They are fully compostable and produce little to no waste. Goodbye disposable plastic sponges!


Luffa lasts long and stays strong. Our sponges will outlast your conventional synthetic sponge and stay intact through the toughest jobs.

Multi Purpose

Our sponges can be used for any application. We keep one in every room of the house. From exfoliating sensitive skin to cleaning crystal and cast iron, luffa can take on any cleaning challenge.


A Luffa Is Grown

We don't harm the land to grow and harvest our Luffa. In fact by growing luffa regeneratively and locally, we are actually building a more diverse and sustainable ecosystem from seed to scrub. We use sustainable practices like integrated pest management, cover cropping, and soil regeneration to holistically take care of our land.

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get to know luffa like we do

Gourd Luffa Flower

How We Grow Luffa at Common Joy

Luffa is not only practical but also sustainable and regenerative, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals.

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Luffa: A Culinary and Nutritional Delight

Luffa: A Culinary and Nutritional Delight

So much more than a natural sponge: exploring the nutritious and delicious side of luffa Luffa is truly a botanical wonder known for its many uses—from bathing and cleaning to crafting and yes, eve...

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Common Joy x Branding

Common Joy x Branding

Finding Common Joy: the symbolic inspiration that connects our natural world with sustainable living In the realm of sustainable living, there exists an intersection of purpose and joy, where the e...

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