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  1. What is luffa? Luffa is a plant!  That’s right, luffa grows on a vine and is in the same family as zucchini, cucumbers, watermelons, and pumpkins.  The mature fruit of the luffa plant dries on the vine and a sponge-like network of cellulose and lignin are left behind to form a super strong natural sponge.  Wild. 
  2. Where does luffa grow? Luffa can grow just about anywhere you can achieve 75C+ temperatures for 150 days.  We have seen folks growing them all the way up in Minnesota!  Luffa is a subtropical plant, with its origins in Southeast Asia.  Luffa is grown all over the world and thrives in the hot, humid environment where our Charleston, SC farms are.  
  3. What can you use luffa for?  Luffa can be used as a universal plastic sponge replacement. This means you can use it anywhere you use a classic sponge!  We use them in just about every room in the house, and particularly love using them to do dishes in the kitchen.  One for cast iron and one for everything else.  We also love to use them outdoors to clean up grimey, dirty messes and then compost the luffa when we are done! Let’s not forget that they live on after their cleaning job is done and can be used for a variety of fun craft ideas. 
  4. How long does luffa last? A luffa will outlast even the best of synthetic and/or natural fiber sponges.  For hygienic purposes we recommend you replace them as you would a normal sponge, but have had reports of them lasting years!  It really depends on how tough you are on the luffa.  The great thing about luffa is that they are 100% natural and plant-based, so they can be composted whenever you decide you are through.  
  5. How do I clean and care for my luffa? Be sure to allow your luffa to properly dry out between uses and it will hold up to the toughest of jobs.  Luffa are naturally antimicrobial, so they don’t get moldy or stinky, as long as they can dry.  If you would like to clean your luffa or disinfect it, you can submerge it in an essential oil dilution or light vinegar or bleach bath.  Just a few drops of these substances will do.  Or, run it through the dishwasher on a low setting/top shelf.  You can even microwave it for a few seconds to kill unwanted germs and keep your luffa fresh and clean, so you can be fresh and clean. 
  6. Can you eat luffa?  Well, we don’t recommend eating your sponge, even though it looks tasty and might be satisfying to chomp down on.  However, the sponge is the mature part of the plant.  When the gourds are young they can be eaten like a zucchini or other squash when cooked.  They are, in fact, a popular addition to many cuisines around the world.  But, don’t let the luffa gourd get too big, they are best at about 1” in diameter.  You can also eat the luffa blossoms (like a squash blossom) as well as vine tendrils - raw or cooked. 
  7. Can I grow my own luffa? You sure can and we love to hear when folks grow their own!  We would love you to share photos of your luffa and tag @commonjoyluffa when you do.  Seeds are available at some outlets and it won’t be long before you can buy them from us.  Luffa grow best outdoors and need lots of space to climb and wander.  NOTE:  Your luffa sponge may have a few seeds left in it.  We try to get them all, but a few may fall out.  It is a natural product after all!  Unfortunately those will most likely not grow.  You will need luffa seeds from one that has not been processed. 
  8. Where does Common Joy grow luffa?  Common Joy is one of few commercial luffa farms in the country and we grow our own variety on Johns Island in Charleston, South Carolina.  
  9. How are Common Joy luffa different from conventional luffa I see in stores?  We grow our luffa using regenerative agriculture practices. This means we give back to the earth more than we take in our production process, through soil building, ecosystem support, pollinator habitats, cover cropping, and other invaluable cultural practices.  Also, we select and save our own seeds for luffa that are special to us, and softer for you.  Additionally, our luffa are grown right here in the good ole USofA and don’t have to travel far at all to get to you.  All this and we are a small local business with a big heart and mission.  We think all that wins.  
  10. Where can I get Common Joy luffa? You can purchase directly from us at our online store, or find our products in retail and hospitality establishments in and around the Charleston, SC area, and across the country.  Would you like to see our luffa in your store? Contact us HERE
  11. Can I tour the Common Joy farm?  We love your enthusiasm and we always want to share our love for luffa.  Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot support farm tours. We are hoping to make this possible, so check back soon!
  12. How did this all get started?  Don’t get us going!  Common Joy is born from a great passion for environmental stewardship and showcasing the joys of nature we all share.  For a full rundown on our origin story, check out our BLOG.
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"This Luffa is incredible in the shower. Lasts a long time, and always makes me feel good that I use something so natural, environmentally friendly, and chemical free."