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Our Story

Our Story

A gourd at Common Joy
Common Joy was founded in 2017 on the principle that there are certain elements of life that can create joy for every person, regardless of status, longitude, latitude, nationality, or race. Nature. Food. Learning. Music. Healing. These are among the many threads that bind us all. Through sustainable agriculture and education Common Joy strengthens those ties.  It is our goal to bring people closer to nature, help reduce our footprint, and share ways we can care for ourselves – and our planet.   We also want the world to hear about the wonders of luffa!



Brian with his luffaHi!  Brian W. here.  In 2015 I discovered a Luffa plant growing at a farm on Johns Island, SC and was amazed by the form of the plant and its ability to thrive.  It was climbing over 20 feet high. 

The farmer showed me how the plant produced sponges that I typically thought of as sea sponges.  I immediately told him that this would be the next best thing.  He laughed. I decided to start a business. 

I went down the path of learning as much about the plant as possible, including culinary uses and medicinal uses.  I turned local chefs on to using the tendrils, gourds, and blossoms in their farm to table meals.  I taught my college students about the crop as an example of responding to climate change by growing what works in our subtropical environment and creating niche products.  Everyone I knew heard about luffa on a regular basis. 

Most of the sponges were gifted in the beginning.  Then I started selling my sponges after a large harvest, during the holiday season, to friends and family.  Now, we are growing in multiple locations, have expanded multiple retail locations, and each year we sell out of our premium luffa sponges. 

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"This Luffa is incredible in the shower. Lasts a long time, and always makes me feel good that I use something so natural, environmentally friendly, and chemical free."