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Article: DIY Crafting w/ Luffa

DIY Crafting w/ Luffa

DIY Crafting w/ Luffa

Get crafty with luffa: easy and affordable DIY fun for everyone

We love luffa not only for its many different uses but once you’re ready to swap them out for a new one you can also reuse and recycle that old one for craft time. From the home to the garden and everything else in between, we’re excited to dig into some luffa crafting projects for all of you DIY lovers out there.

Bonus the ideas we’ll explore are easy enough for kids and can also be done on a budget

Double bonus all of the materials are things you probably already have lying around the house

Cut up some small pieces of luffa to make flower stamps—whether it’s Mother’s Day or Easter, enjoy a little bit of color all year long.

Whether you’re hosting the next craft night, decorating for the seasons, or making a unique birthday gift, luffa has so much to offer. The sponge gourd’s versatility and durability make it easy to work with and ideal for craft projects like:

  • Bird feeders
  • Flower arrangements
  • Garland
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Mobiles
  • Paint stamps
  • Pet chew toys
  • Soap dishes
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Wreath accents

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg—since there are so many things to craft, we wanted to stick to the basics and share some ideas that are safe enough to do with your kids (with proper adult supervision, of course!). And, as for an overall theme, we’re looking to the seasons for inspiration so let’s get started…

Simply placing a piece of luffa into a glass or a vase gives any arrangement some additional texture while also providing support for those colorful blooms.

Spring and Summer: The Joy of Color

Ahhh Spring—when birdsong starts to fill the air, the sun shines a little longer, and colorful little flowers start to dot the landscape, it’s one of our favorite seasons.

  • Flower stamps—cut luffa into slices and dip one side into some acrylic paint to make unique and interesting flower prints; you can also stamp flowers on a brown paper bag for a one-of-a-kind gift bag.
  • Bird feeder cakes—cut luffa into round slices, tie on a piece of string or twine as a hanger, coat with peanut butter on each side, roll/coat them in some bird seed, hang them on a tree or a hook outside, and enjoy!
  • Flower arrangements—take a cylindrical hunk of luffa, carefully clip out the insides with some scissors to form a wide enough hole, drop into a clear vase, add water, and finish it off with some seasonal flowers and greenery for a one-of-a-kind table centerpiece!

Bonus: Make potting soil mix! Take any leftover scraps or pieces of luffa, cut them up into smaller pieces, and mix a small amount into your potting soil (like you would perlite or sphagnum moss) to support adequate air flow and circulation.

Make homemade exfoliating soap with a 'melt and pour’ soap base and then add in some luffa slices or chunks for texture—you can even use ice cube trays or cupcake pans as a mold!

Image by Forest Nymphs (@forestnymphsbathbody).

Winter and Fall: A Joy for All

From golden yellows and glittering whites, to rich reds and vibrant oranges, Mother Nature brings us bounty and cheer throughout the end of the year.

  • Wreath accents—whether you’re making a DIY wreath or grabbing one from your local farmer’s market, you can add some beautiful texture and depth by cutting luffa into round slices and attaching them.
  • Festive stamps—cut luffa into slices and dip one side into some acrylic paint to make fun and interesting snowflake prints! And just like with the flower stamps, you can also use some rich fall paint colors to stamp on brown paper gift bags or wrapping paper for a thoughtful presentation.
  • Holiday ornaments—cut luffa into round slices, brush with glue, sprinkle on some glitter, and tie on a piece of string for a natural touch of textured beauty; you can also reuse your snowflake stamps if you want a touch of color.
In addition to flowers, making heart stamps is a fun, easy way to share some luffa love.

Bonus: Make holiday garland—when you’re done with your snowflake stamps, reuse them to make strings of garland for your Christmas tree or even wrap them around your staircase railing.  

We’d love to hear about any fun and interesting ideas you may have so please be sure to tag us on Instagram or share in the comments!

One sponge for all.

All plant. All purpose. All people.

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